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Sol and Hilda play together. In the Frankfurt Sinfonietta to be exact, and Sol loves Hilda and Hilda loves Sol. So what?

Well… Hilda’s father is a Nazi chief on his way to becoming a camp Commandant, and Sol is of course… A Jew, the heir to the Goldberg family Torah, and a young man at odds with his own religion. 

"Frau Schulz told all the children that a good German with a good heart knows her poetry... off by heart."

"She is not blind, Martha. She has eyes. I mean… Look, at Central Frankfurt. How many stupid flags can you fit into one square. It’s like one great testimony to the forgetfulness of the Nazi party, like if they didn’t see a flag every 5 fucking metres, they would forget to spit at Jews."

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As the Goldberg family is scattered by war and deportation, Sol’s mother gives him fatal advice. “Survive. At all costs”

Can Hilda, by herself becoming a Jew, find him and Anya and save them from the jaws of hell? Or has Sol already entered and made himself… at home?

Taking her word to its limit, Sol relinquishes his roots, his love, his art, his baby sister Anya, and his humanity, to stay out of the tireless Nazi furnaces.

"Your father was always the liberal, Sol. And I carried the candles. Always the good Jew, Sol. Do you not think I might have wanted, just sometimes, to put them down?"

"Did you see those pictures. In the Völkischer Beobachter, I wont even mention Der Stürmer…

That forest at Nuremburg, of arms, all slanting in the wind from Hitler’s mouth. What a party he throws. The bastards warmed themselves on the flames from the Nuremberg Synagogue too I hear. How proud they must have been."

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